KRIMELABB in the News

Jun 26, 2009--Austin Chronicle: Crime and the City Solution by Marc Savlov  
Aug 10, 2010--Austin Post: How Safe is Your Neighborhood by Karie Metzer  
Dec 22, 2010--KUT News: What Those Cops Are Doing On Your Block by Nathan Bernier  
Oct 4, 2011--KXAN: Violent, property crime down in Austin by Shannon Wolfson  
Apr 16, 2011--Fox7: krimelabb helps Austinites by Jenni Lee  
Oct 20, 2011--krimelabb makes Austin Chronicle's 2011 Best of Austin list    MORE
Jan 31, 2012--Community Impact: Crime drops at Rundberg and I-35 by Sara Behunek  
Mar 5, 2012--Fox7: krimelabb fights crime with data, numbers by Jenni Lee  
Apr 2, 2012--krimelabb at the Public Safety Commission meeting   MORE
Apr 22, 2012--Statesman: East Austin data buff builds crime stats site by Jazmine Ulloa  
Jul 12, 2012--Austin Chronicle: 5th Street Posse by Jordan Smith  
Jul 19, 2012--The Digital Texan: Chief Acevedo's 5 yr anniversary by Jack Hambrick  
Sep 22, 2012--Fox7: Neighborhood Crime by Alex Villarreal  
Nov 5, 2012--Fox7: Vintage Creek Apts Fight Crime in NE Austin by Jenni Lee  
Dec 12, 2012--KEYE: Riverside Drive Is On APD's Watch List by Angel Covarrubias  
Jan 10, 2013--KEYE: Fighting Back Against Austin Car Burglaries by Karen Kiley  
Apr 1, 2013--Statesman: Friday night on Rundberg by Dave Harmon  
May 1, 2013--KXAN: Suspect in serial rape case arrested by Omar Lewis  
May 12, 2013--Statesman: Motels near Rundberg Lanew by Dave Harmon  
Jul 28, 2013--Statesman: In Rundberg area, hard-core group of repeat... by Dave Harmon  
Nov 14, 2013--KEYE: Most likely places your car will broken into by Alex Boyer  
Dec 20, 2013--KEYE: Vehicle breakins spike weekend before Christmas by Alex Boyer  
Jan 2, 2014--KEYE: Smash and grab burglary after your computer by Alex Boyer  
Jan 11, 2014--Statesman: Restore Rundberg slow to make progress by Dave Harmon  
Jan 22, 2014--KEYE: Copper metal thefts on the rise by Alex Boyer  
Jan 29, 2014--KEYE: Adults using kids to break into houses by Alex Boyer  
Feb 7, 2014--Daily Texas: Police academy program... by Julia Brouillette  
Feb 12, 2014--Daily Texas: Apts w/ highest crime rates in West Campus by Julia Brouillette  
Mar 17, 2014--KVUE: APD release arrest numbers for SXSW by Jade Mingus/Michael Moore  
Apr 22, 2014--KEYE: South Austin couple victimized by same criminal twice by Alex Boyer  
Apr 25, 2014--KVUE: Burglars break into homes for high-end bikes by Shannon Murray  
May 22, 2014--KVUE: Frequent offenders by Shannon Murray  
Jun 17, 2014--KVUE: SoCo tenants sue builders for "defective" work by Shannon Murray  
Jul 7, 2014--KEYE: 3 Austin Neighborhoods Hit Hard By Burglars by Alex Boyer  
Jul 21, 2014--KVUE: Woman sexually assaulted on ACC Riverside campus by Jade Mingus  
Jul 22, 2014--KEYE: Neighbors Help Nab Home Burglars by Alex Boyer  
Jul 24, 2014--KVUE: 2 UT football players suspended... by Tony Plohetski  
Jul 28, 2014--KEYE: North Austin apartment complexes... by Alex Boyer  
Aug 4, 2014--KEYE: Thieves targeting wallets in downtown Austin by Alex Boyer  
Sep 7, 2014--KEYE: Man who lived off stolen credit card info by Cassie Gallo  
Nov 3, 2014--KXAN: Austin man charged with sex trafficking by Robert Maxwell  
Jul 29, 2015--KEYE: Austin car burglaries spike by Lindsay Liepman  
Oct 29, 2016--KEYE: NNO inside Austin's high-property-crime zip codes by Melanie Torre  
Nov 17, 2016--KEYE: Does living near a major hiway incr. burgl. risk? by Melanie Torre  
Jan 26, 2017--KEYE: East Austin business cleans up after drug offenders by Jordan Bontke  
May 3, 2017--KEYE: APD searching for sex assault suspect by Jordan Bontke  
May 31, 2017--KEYE: Hyde Park sees uptick in bike thefts by Courtney Schoenemann  
June 21, 2017--KEYE: Violent crime in targeted neighborhoods by Courtney Schoenemann  
July 17, 2017--KEYE: Crime trends: Austin home, vehicle burglaries down by Melanie Torre  
Aug 8, 2017--KEYE: Good Samaritan 'fed up' with vehicle burglaries by Jordan Bontke  
Mar 7, 2018--KEYE: Violent crime rare at The Domain by Jordan Bontke  
Jan 19, 2019--KEYE: Top spots for credit card skimmers by Melanie Torre